It is the intention of the Developers of the Kroonvlei Wilderness Estate to create an environment of quality by means of well-considered design and good architecture. We believe that exceptional long-term property investment value can be achieved on Kroonvlei Wilderness Estate by implementing design guidance of new houses by means of Architectural Guidelines and an active Aesthetics Committee (Kroonvlei Aesthetics Committee – KAC).

Design guidance relates to the exterior appearance of buildings and structures. No restrictions exist on owners with regards to the interior layout, finishes and colours, as long as this has no negative impact on the exterior, or on the rights of owners of other properties.


Basic, functional, lean and understated building form that fits the landscape and climate with minimal visual impact. In all aspects, design of individual houses must fit the context of the site, by considering the lay of the land and natural elements such as trees, rocks, viewing lines and visibility.

We say no to: busy architecture, senseless design, mock-afro, mock-anything, inhumane proportions, trendy affectations, pretentious palaces Balinese, Tuscan, Provencal, Swiss, Georgian, Tudor, Spanish, Sardinian, Bushveld lapa, and thatch.


At Kroonvlei Wilderness Estate, there are generally three types of site conditions, and this condition will have an impact on the type of dwelling that may be built thereon.

Broadly these are:

a.       Open sites, typically on sites of established farmsteads, and pre-disturbed areas;

b.       Rocky terrain mainly in the ridges, with significant level differences across properties;

c.       Sites with dense vegetation, typically located in the kloof area, and the rocky sites.

Click on the links below to download the documents you require:

ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES KWE (Annex C, D, E, F & I) V9 ANNEX D – BUILDING RULES AND REGULATIONS V1 ARCHITECTUAL GUIDELINES KWE V9 ANNEX E – Material Finishes Kroonvlei V2 ANNEX F – Kroonvlei Architectual References V5 ANNEX I – Kroonvlei Village Architectual References V2

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